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Care Packages

Full cost replacement options for your patients, no cost to you

Transferable Bennefits

Patient benefits follow them wherever they go

Payment Plans

Collect up front or in customizable payment plans.

Process Payments

Better rates for your office results in less overhead.

Your work. Our guarantee.

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Create Less Stress with Care Packages

With privacy and security exceeding HIPPA requirements, Caring International enables dentists to offer patients extended care packages at no cost to the dentist. Confidence in your in dental work will grow resulting in increased peace-of-mind all around. You can finally deliver dentistry knowing that you'll never have to cover the costs of redos or negotiate with patients for any portion of the costs of replacement procedures.

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Increase Revenue & Decrease Overhead

Enjoy a new source of “all profit revenue”, eliminate redo costs, increase recall compliance, increase referrals and patient satisfaction, decrease payment processing overhead, automate and customize your payment plans and so much more.

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Your work. Our guarantee.

Questions? See our FAQ.