Dental Grants for Patients in Need

With Caring International dentists get paid to provide their best care for even low-income, special needs, and uninsured patients.

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Helping denists and labs give the best care possible without cutting corners or accepting a fraction of appropriate fees.

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Founded and run by some of the world's most passionate dental philanthropists.

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Kevin Croft

Founder, Chairman & Executive Director, Caring International Nonprofit President, Dentinomics: Cutting-edge CE for Cutting-Edge Professionals Advanced Education in Dental Anesthesiology, UHMC-Stony Brook DDS, Top 10 in graduating class, SUNY-Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine Magna Cum Laude: BS Psychology, University of Utah Clinical Assistant Professor of Dentistry, University of Utah Winner, Kilimitzoglou/Schein Pioneer in Dentistry Award