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About us

Caring International was conceptualized over the course of several years and has evolved into what it is now: an affiliation of independent doctors, nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies and the patients they serve. We lovingly refer to it all as "The Caring International Community."

In the course of his lecturing and clinical practice treating children, special needs, "run of the mill" patients in multiple locations across the continent and throughout the world, Dr. Kevin Croft noticed that there are themes common to virtually all dental providers regardless of training, location, specialty or otherwise. Among these themes are frustrations from the lack of access to care, downward trends in dental reimbursement rates and how the administration of so many dental products require the dentist to sacrifice or pay a portion of their production. These, coupled with the dental profession's vague approach to handling problematic dentistry were the driving forces behind the Caring International Community.

Now with Caring International Nonprofit, patients who previously didn't have access to care can now be treated without needing to arrange for free or at a discounted treatment. Dentists, patients, labs and the companies they work with no longer have to manage many of the frustrations that are so prominent in dentistry. Dental students can get scholarships, doctors can do outreach programs locally or abroad, patients who receive care in one state can have it maintained in another, and office managers don't need to devote additional time and resources to tracking, registering and record keeping.

Caring International is truly a "by dentists, for dentists," 21st century solution to 21st century problems and we are thrilled to be making a difference: one patient, one procedure at a time.


















Please watch our short tutorial on how to apply for Caring International Grants.

Members of the Caring International Community

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