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What is Caring International?

Caring International is a nonprofit organization that relieves pain and suffering. Primarily, we provide grants for dental care at no cost to patients. 

While we accept donations from a variety of sources, much of our funding comes from dentists and dental patients who, as members of the Caring International Community, actively advocate for the best standards of dental care and who genuinely believe in our mission.

To learn more about the Caring International Community and how it all works, click HERE.

What is the Caring International Community?

The Caring International Community is a loose affiliation of dentists, dental labs, patients, companies and organizations who are dedicated to relieving pain and suffering while striving for the highest standards of care, providing the highest quality of services and adhering to clear, achievable patient/doctor responsibilities and policies.  There are no fees to become a member of the Caring International Community, but the benefits are tremendous. This charitable organization (Caring International) is simply one component of this community. To learn about the other aspects of the Caring International Community, click HERE.

Do dentists have to be a member of the Caring International Community to get grant money?

The vast majority of dentists who learn about the Caring International Community elect to become part of it. However, there are no requirements for either patients or their doctors to become affiliated with any company, to use any product, to provide any service or to subscribe to any particular philosophy in order to benefit from Caring International grants.

Does Caring International Really Pay Dentists appropriate fees?

Yes. There is great incentive for dentists to put in the extra effort to do top-notch work when they are not being paid a discounted rate. We believe that paying dentist competitive fees is a great way to get patients top-notch care. So that's what we do. Additionally we don't restrict what kind of dentistry is eligible for our grants. Because decisions regarding treatment planning are best kept between dentists and their patients, we do our best to let good doctors be good doctors without interference.

What Else does Caring International Do?

Our other efforts include providing scholarships to prospective dental students who meet certain needs criteria, funding local and international humanitarian efforts which assist, enable and educate foreign dentists, providing educational materials to the population at large, providing continuing education to licensed dental professionals, and facilitating the correction of congenital maxillofacial malformations and other such endeavors.

How is Caring International Funded?

All of our funding comes from individual donations with the express purpose of meeting our objectives as a nonprofit organization. While we accept donations from a variety of sources, much of our funding comes from dental patients and dentists who are members of the Caring International Community and who believe in our mission. To learn more, click HERE.

Who is Eligible for Caring International Grants?


Grants are awarded via an objective, standardized application process. Patients initiate the application independently or in concert with their dentist via our online application form which can be found HERE. Grant applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and funds are awarded according to the availability.

While dentists, dental labs and patients who are part of the Caring International Community are strongly encouraged utilize our grants, we do not restrict grants to any particular population, dental group or patient base. We do require, however, that all applicants meet certain needs criteria as outlined on the application form itself.


How Do I Apply for a Grant?


The application form can be found HERE.

Can I Apply for a Grant on Someone Else's Behalf?

Due to patient privacy concerns Caring International requires that all grant applications be completed either by the patient themselves or by the patient's dentist under authority granted them by the patient

What Makes Caring International Different?

We have a VERY unique channel of funding and we are very efficient in our funds deployment so as to not waste money. For example, while Caring International is entirely a nonprofit organization, we have long-standing, voluntary relationships with several organizations who have enacted policies to incentivize ongoing charitable donations.

One such dental consulting company is Caring International Management who voluntarily reduces their fees to dentists (their customers) when these dentists contribute to Caring International Nonprofit.


The benefit to dentists is that, for every dollar they donate to CI-NP, their CI-M management fee is reduced by two dollars. This effectively means the dentist earns two dollars for every dollar they donate to CI-NP. This structure means they not only get the same services from CI-M, but they also are able to contribute to charity and save money at the same time.


The benefit to CI-M is that, while they generate that less up-front revenue, they make up in staunch customer loyalty, significant word of mouth referrals and (lets just say it) karma.

What If I Have Dental Insurance? Can I Still Qualify for a Grant?

Actually, yes. Caring International Grants can be used to help with the things like co-payments, costs above annual maximums, procedures that are not covered by insurance, and much more. Applicants must first exhaust any benefits prior to accepting any grants from Caring International.

What Happens After I Submit My Grant Application?


You will receive a verification email stating that your application was received. All grants are reviewed on a rolling basis. All applications remain active for 6 months at a time. If you have not been awarded a grant within 6 months you must submit a new grant application for ongoing consideration. If you are not awarded a grant within the 6 month time frame it does not mean you have been denied, but that you have simply not been awarded a grant. Unless otherwise notified, we encourage all individuals who meet the application criteria to apply as often as every 6 months if needed.

What If I Get a Grant to Pay for Dentistry and I Have a Problem with the Dentistry?

All dentists who accept grant funding for dentistry are expected to provide their best care and stand behind their work. Caring International Nonprofit is not responsible or liable in any way or to any extent for dentistry provided at any level of quality or lack thereof. Any and all disputes, redos, failures, instances of sub-standard care, malpractice or otherwise are solely the responsibility of the dentist providing the care.

What If a Patient Is in Pain? Can a Dentist Provide Care and Apply for a Grant After the Fact?

Yes, but grant approval is never guaranteed and funding can be limited based on a number of factors. Caring International's primary mission is to relieve pain and suffering, so this kind of practice is strongly encouraged. However, it is important for both doctors and patients to be aware that grant awarding is never guaranteed and the dentist may never get paid for their work or that the patient may be responsible for any and all costs associated with rendered care. In such instances it is particularly important for both the patient and the dentist to understand these terms and to have a mutual understanding of the particular office policies and financial, care and other arrangements between the dentist and the patient.

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