Dental Grants for Patients in Need

With Caring International dentists get paid to provide their best care for even low-income, special needs, and uninsured patients.

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Helping denists and labs give the best care possible without cutting corners or accepting a fraction of appropriate fees.

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Founded and run by some of the world's most passionate dental philanthropists.

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Rena D'Souza

Pres. Elect-IADR, Tenured Professor Neurobio./Anat./Path.-UofU. BDS-Govt. Dent. College-Bombay. DDS, MS & PhD UT-Houston. Pres. Medal-Research Excellence, AADR Natl. Stud. Research Mentoring Award. Fellow-AAAS & AADR. Member-Am. College Dentists. NIH funded 30+ years, 150+ manuscripts/chapters-craniofacial development/genetics/regenerative dentistry. Previous appts.: Pres. AADR, Inagural Dean-UofU SOD, Chairperson Baylor COD Biomed. Sciences & Director of Research-Ortho. UT-Houston.